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Elitmusik is a Belgian/Swedish network organisation that focuses on the distribution of Dark Music, Art & Literature made and created by artists. Want to know more? click here 

Here you can find a summary from the latest items out of our Rss feed section. For updates and latest arrivals go to the releases section.

Latest News

[27/01/2014] Trancelike Void t-shirt merchandise

Your prayers have been heard!
We recently received many inquiries from elitists wanting to buy a Trancelike Void shirt already having the Silhouettes Of Misery release in their possession.

Therefore we give them the chance to purchase this Trancelike Void shirt one final time.
Purchase today or will regret tomorrow!

Latest Event

[23/10/2010] CYM: First Come First Served....Now or Never!

We have just closed down reservations. Some people who were on our reservation list or on our waiting list have chosen not to attend the CYM event.

Others haven’t registered at Elitmusik or haven’t made a reservation for their ticket.

To those and you whom are reading this there's still a small chance to witness the first edition of CYM.

We have less than 10 seats left…First Come First Served…Now or Never!

Final Elitmusik registration via Elitmusik.net (with other words become a member) and final reservation for CYM is set on 29/10/2010. Deadline for payment is set on 29/10/2010 too.

This is also the final message to be spread regarding CYM’s first edition!

Don’t bother asking for the CYM event shirt. Pre-orders have been closed down!

Don’t bother asking how you should register at Elitmusik, the answers can easily be found on earlier posts and
on our homepage: http://www.elitmusik.net
or our myspace related to CYM, being: http://www.myspace.com/elitmusikevents
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